Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic

Large Animal Services

Physical examinations and wellness care , Vaccinations, Electronic Coggins, Bovine herd checks, Dental care, Semen Collection, Parasite prevention and treatment, Digital radiography, Ultrasound, Artificial insemination, Preparation of Health Certificates , Pre-purchase examination, Castration, Mare and Foal examination including IgG testing.

Small Animal Services

Routine examinations and wellness visits. Heartworm treatment and prevention,  Prescriptions and In- House compounding of medications , Treatment of injuries and Illness , Dentistry, Ultrasound, Vaccination, Microchip implantation, Soft tissue surgery, In house blood chemistries and CBCs, Fecal, OFA certification, laser surgery, Digital radiography, Therapeutic laser therapy.

Emergency Services 

The Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer 24 hour emergency care Monday through Saturday for established clients. On many weekends, the clinic turns large animal coverage over to a established group of local large animal veterinarians and small animal emergency to one of the 24 hour emergency speciality hospitals.

Services Offered 

Rehabilitation Services 

Acupuncture, Aquatic Treadmill, Stance analysis, Class 4 laser, fitness and conditioning exercises, Game Ready,  Thermal imaging, Lameness locator,