Ultrasound uses sound waves that are above the frequency that humans can hear to create an image. The clinic uses ultrasound to diagnose a variety of conditions. The most common uses are to visualize soft tissue such as tendon and ligaments, examining internal organs and even locating the heartbeat on animals in utero. 

Dental Radiography

The Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer our patients dental radiography. Due to the small nature of most of our pets mouths a conventional radiograph machine is too big to get an accurate image. The Dental radiograph machine has a smaller x-ray plate to fit into small pet mouths. Dental radiography allows doctors to assess tooth structure and root integrity during a dental. Which can help doctors identify problem teeth before they become big problems. 

On this ultrasound we can see a canine fetus. The fetus is seen floating in its amniotic sac. The fetus, the surrounding soft tissue of the mother and the amniotic sac all have difference densities. The different tissues absorb the sound at different frequencies thus creating the image. 

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Xray and Ultrasound

Mill Valley

The image above is a digital X-ray of dog with bloat. The stomach is filled with gas and flipped over on itself in a classic "double bubble".

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Digital Radiography 

The Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer digital radiography or x-ray. Digital x-ray has numerous benefits. These benefits include better image quality, quicker development and fewer chemicals. Image quality and speed mean it is easier for the doctor to determine if another view is needed. This speed and elimination of additional views means there is less stress on pets, which makes everyone happier. The clinic uses x-rays to diagnose a variety of cases from broken bones and joint malformations to confirming how many puppies a dog may be having.