The Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic knows that when your pet has an emergency it can be very stressful. We don't want to add to that stress by having your pet see an unknown veterinarian in a strange place. The Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic is pleased to offer 24 hour emergency services to established clients. The clinic does participate in a rotating "area coverage" with several other large animal veterinarians in the area. To give the doctors some time with families, Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic will turn emergency coverage over to these other veterinarians or to a 24 hour emergency hospital on Saturday nights and Sundays. If looking for an emergency veterinarian on a Saturday or a Sunday or if you not an established client at Mill Valley, we recommend contacting one of the following: 

Veterinary Emergency and Specialty South Deerfield - 413-665-4911

Tufts Foster Small Animal Hospital, North Grafton - 508-887-4623

Veterinary Emergency Center, Canton Ct - 860-693-6922

For regular emergency hours, or a large animal emergency, please do the following:

1.  Call the Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic (413) 323-9201

2.  If we are not covering emergency, the recorded message will direct you to a veterinarian who is on call. Otherwise, leave a short message
with the following information: Your name, your pets name and some information, such as your pets species, and what is wrong with your pet. Leave your number twice, slowly. 

3.  Stay off the phone. The doctor on call will call you back as soon as they can (usually within half an hour). 

4.  If you haven't heard from the doctor in 1/2 hour call back. 

Telephone: (413) 323-9201
Fax: (413) 323-0290

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Veterinary Clinic