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The Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal veterinary practice. This means the clinic sees large animals such as horses, cows and goats along with small animals like dogs and cats. The clinic is located in Belchertown, Massachusetts. 

Services at Mill Valley Veterinary Clinic

The warm weather has arrived. Due to our very mild winter the ticks are out in force. Due to the increased number of white footed mice there is an increased risk of lyme disease. Its a good time to pick up flea and tick control. We have found that a lot of the over the counter products found a pet stores are at best ineffective and at worst deadly for pets. Give your vet a call to get the best product for your pet. 

Emergency SErvices

Alternative therapies 

Small animal services

  • Complete Health Exams
  • Heartworm & Intestinal Parasite Testing
  • Immunizations
  • Laser Surgery
  • In-House Blood Chemistries
  • Therapeutic Laser
  • Dental Services
  • Lameness Evaluation 
  • Digital Radiography

Large animal